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We have the following farm Produce for sale (when available).

Soays in field

Soays in a field

Organic Apple Orchard

All our produce is organic.


We have a small orchard containing both juice and cider variety apple trees. If you would be interested in harvesting organic apples please contact us.


Round Bale Silage is made throughout the year and surplus stock is sold when available.

When weather conditions permit we make hay, both large round bales and small square bales, if we have stock this is for sale.

A small amount of barn stored round bale straw available depending on cereal crop grown.

Please contact us for availability if you wish to purchase any of the above.

Soay Animals

Soay Sheep available, with or without rams. Good Quality stock, ideal start up flock for someone wanting a small hobby, these low maintenance sheep are excellent for grazing small paddocks.

We can also supply castrated males (wethers) as pasture toppers/pets.

Soay Meat

Most of our surplus soays are sold as live animals currently, if this demand falls then freezer pack whole Soay Lambs will become available.

Soay meat is a lovely tender, low fat meat with an excellent taste.


Soay Animal by products

If you have a use for soay sheep skins, horns, or wool please contact us, although we only produce small numbers per year for meat the more of the animal we can use the happier we would be.


Last updated :Thursday, January 16, 2014

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